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2 researchers win fellowships for big-data projects

NCDS logoTwo faculty researchers at N.C. A&T have been named 2014 Data Science Faculty Fellows by the National Consortium for Data Science.

The  faculty members and their proposed research projects are:

  • Dr. Rajeev Agrawal, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Systems Technology, Designing Sustainable and Domain-Neutral Next Generation Data Infrastructure to Advance Big Data Science, and
  • Dr. Justin Zhan, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Community Detection on Big Networks.

Click here for abstracts of the projects. Each researcher will receive $30,000 to support their research. They are among five researchers awarded fellowships for 2014.

NSF awards $15 million in Big Data project grants; N.C. A&T on a winning team with UNC-CH, Harvard

The NSF was up early this morning, announcing that it has awarded $15 million in grants to advance its Big Data initiative. Among the winners: A UNC-CH/Harvard/N.C. A&T team and its project, “DataBridge – A Sociometric System for Long-Tail Science Data Collections.”  UNC-CH is the team leader.

Dr. Justin Zhan of the Department of Computer Science is the A&T investigator on the project.  The short description:

 “The sheer volume and diversity of data present a new set of challenges in locating all of the data relevant to a particular line of scientific research. Taking full advantage of the unique data in the ‘long-tail of science’ requires new tools specifically created to assist scientists in their search for relevant data sets. DataBridge supports advances in science and engineering by directly enabling and improving discovery of relevant scientific data across large, distributed and diverse collections using socio-metric networks. The system will also provide an easy means of publishing data through the DataBridge, and incentivize data producers to do so by enhancing collaboration and data-oriented networking.”