A&T faculty, grad student help create a ‘city oasis’

The leaders N.C. A&T's contribution to the urban farm in the Warnersville community of Greensboro

Dr. Guochen Yang, left, graduate student Michael King, and Odile Huchette, director of Reid Greenhouse at A&T, at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in the Warnersville community of Greensboro (News & Record photo)

The Greensboro-High Point area was ranked second in a 2012 national report on food insecurity.  The county Health Department started looking for solutions and was joined by a church, a nonprofit, and a UNCG professor. When N.C. A&T joined the project, everything was in place to address at least one of Greensboro’s “food deserts.”

A&T had just created the first undergraduate program in the nation for urban and community horticulture, as well as a master’s degree program emphasizing sustainable agriculture. The administration was also encouraging more community involvement for faculty members and students.

“We want to produce quality students who can go and get started right away on practical projects,” [Dr. Guochen] Yang said. “We want them to be ready to solve real-world problems.”

The News & Record has excellent coverage of the project.


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