Daily Archives: October 15, 2013

A good day to recognize A&T women in STEM fields

Dr. Svetlana Fialkova

Dr. Svitlana Fialkova, post-doctoral researcher, at work in the nano-indentation lab of the Engineering Research Center at N.C. A&T

October 15 is Ada Lovelace Day, an international occasion to recognize women in the STEM disciplines.  At North Carolina A&T, that actually could take an entire day. There’s no shortage of female engineers, scientists, and role models here. Consider:

  • Three of our deans in STEM disciplines are women: Dr. Goldie Byrd, a biologist, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; Dr. Robin Coger, Dean of Engineering; and Dr. Inez Tuck, Dean of Nursing.
  • STEM academic department heads include Dr. Margaret Kanipes in Chemistry, Dr. Mary Smith in Biology, and Dr. Tonya Smith-Jackson in Industrial and Systems Engineering.
  • Dr. Stephanie Luster-Teasley, Associate Professor in the Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering, is this year’s recipient of the UNC Board of Governors Award for Excellence in Teaching.
  • Dr. Shirley Hymon-Parker is the Associate Dean for Research in the School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (SAES).
  • Women on the  SAES faculty have received four N.C. A&T Research Excellence Awards. Among them: Dr. Paula Faulkner and Dr. Millie Worku.
  • Six women on the College of Engineering faculty also have won Research Excellence Awards: Dr. Lauren Davis, Dr. Ellie Fini, Dr. Shanthi Iyer, Dr. Luster-Teasley, Dr. Shelly Qu, and Dr. Anna Yu.
  • Dr. Fini  also is generating media attention for her spin-off company based on the sustainable pavement technology she developed (using processed swine manure to replace some of the petroleum content of asphalt).

There you go — 15 women at A&T who are leaders in STEM fields. And their colleagues and students include many other female faculty members, post-docs, grad students, and undergraduates in STEM disciplines.

If you know any young women who want to go to college and study science, technology, engineering, or math, let them know there’s no reason they can’t be successful in their chosen field. And tell them North Carolina A&T is a great place for them to do it.