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The quotable Dr. Craig on 40 years as an A&T dean

Dr. Quiester Carig, dean of the N.C. A&T School of Business and Economics

Dr. Quiester Craig, dean of the N.C. A&T School of Business and Economics

From The Business Journal‘s interview with Dean Craig:

One major accomplishment was becoming the first accounting program at a historically black university to receive AACSB international accreditation in 1986. Describe that challenge. The business school overall was accredited in 1979, at the same time as Duke as the fourth and fifth accredited business schools in the state. I always teased Duke that we were fourth and they were fifth since our vote came first in the meeting because they liked us better. Duke’s dean always said ‘come on, Craig, that’s just the alphabet.’ The specialized accounting accreditation was made available in 1983 or 1984 and a lot of schools took a shot. We were initially rejected, and I was advised at the time that if you were rejected the first time you only had a 10 percent chance of making it later. I said that was 5 percent more than I needed. …

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