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3 gifts to get girls interested in engineering


GoldieBlox (photo from Co.EXIST.com)

Seasonal STEM-oriented advice from Fast Company’s Co-EXIST.com:

3 Gifts To Get Girls Interested In EngineeringIt’s never been easy being a female in the world of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Part of the problem is the dearth of females in these fields–a problem that begins early on in school when girls are discouraged from pursuing them. A crop of programs have popped up to change the ratio of girls in STEM, including Girls Who Code and SMU’s Engineering Camp For Girls. But why not give interested young girls a chance to explore the world of science and engineering at home–even if they’re not interested in K’NEX and Erector sets? (And yes, we know that plenty of girls are interested in those things). We’ve come up with a handful of gifts designed for the girl geek in your life.”