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U.S. report on public research universities: ‘Diminishing Funding & Rising Expectations’

Cover of National Science Board report "Diminishing Funding and Rising Expectations"

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The National Science Board has taken a look at the future of U.S. public research universities, and the view is grim:

“In the 2012 edition of Science and Engineering Indicators (Indicators), the National Science Board (Board) reported a substantial decline over the last decade in per student state appropriations at the Nation’s major public research universities. This policy companion report to Indicators 2012Diminishing Funding and Rising Expectations: Trends and Challenges for Public Research Universities, highlights the importance of these universities to the local and national economies, rising public expectations for these institutions, and the challenges posed by recent trends in enrollment, revenue, and expenditures.

“In the wake of increasing enrollment and costs and declining per student state appropriations, the Board is concerned with the continued ability of public research universities to provide affordable, quality education and training to a broad range of students, conduct the basic science and engineering research that leads to innovations, and perform their public service missions.”

The National Science Board is the governing board for the National Science Foundation.

The full report is here.