The N.C. A&T grant of the month for August 2012: Health Informatics Security and Privacy Program

NSF logoThe Sponsored Funding Report for August:

N.C. A&T received 13 grants totaling $6.59 million in August.

The complete list of grants received in August.

One highlight of the month’s funding was $29,640 from the National Science Foundation toward a $329,000 grant to Dr. Dorothy Yuan of  the Department of Computer Science.  The project is titled, “Targeted Infusion Project Grant: Developing Health Informatics Security and Privacy Program.” Working with Dr. Yuan on the project are Drs. Gerry Dozier of the Department of Computer  Science; Hong Wang, Department of Management; Jinsheng Xu, Department of Computer Science; Justin Zhan, Department of Computer Science; and Kossi Edoh, Department of Mathematics.

The issue: Health informatics is one of the economy’s largest growth areas. With the government’s growing interest in electronic health records and with the growing investment by healthcare organizations in technology, there is an increasing demand for health informatics and health information technology professionals. To make health information systems secure,  the systems’ designers and administrators must be well educated in information assurance, with an understanding of security, privacy, integrity and reliability.

Abstract: The goal of this project is to establish a concentration in Health Informatics Security and Privacy in the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program. This interdisciplinary project will be a  joint effort of  the departments of Computer Science,  Management, and Mathematics.

This new concentration will better prepare students, particularly minority students, to meet the high demand for medical record and health information professionals. Students with knowledge in health informatics, health information systems, and security and privacy in health information systems will have some of the strongest career opportunities in today’s economy and will be more competitive in the workforce and for graduate school.

The establishment of this concentration also will strengthen the University’s Center for Cyber Defense, a Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education designated by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security.

We propose to develop a new course on health information systems in the Department of Computer Science, and a new course on Mathematics for Health Informatics in the Department of Mathematics.  We will modify an existing course in the Department of Management to include topics on business practices relating to health information technology. We also propose to develop three course modules on health informatics security and privacy and to integrate these course modules into the existing computer security and information assurance courses in the Department of Computer Science.

We will actively disseminate the results and outcomes of the project to other professionals in STEM education and research, both during and after the project. We will disseminate our curriculum model, courses, and course module instruction materials, including PowerPoint slides, exercises, tests, and solutions to exercises and tests, to professors at other colleges and universities.

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