Daily Archives: September 11, 2012

Limited submissions opportunities now on website

Screenshot of limited submissions opportunities table

This screenshot show part of the limited submissions opportunities table.

N.C. A&T researchers can find two new resources on  limited submission funding opportunities on the university’s research website.  The university’s procedures for handling limited submissions have been clarified and are detailed on the Limited submissions procedures and guidelines page.

In addition, the website now includes a detailed table of current and future limited submission opportunities.  The table includes links to the agencies; official announcements, details on the internal application process, and the various deadlines from filing a notice of intent form to submitting a a final proposal to the Office of Sponsored Programs.

The table is continually updated as new opportunities arise and as agencies alter deadlines and other details.

N.C. A&T conducts internal competitive reviews to select proposals for submission when solicitations have restrictions on the number of submissions and on eligibility requirements. These solicitations are also referred to as “limited submission” opportunities and may require internal coordination across schools, colleges and disciplines within the university.

Internal competitions for evaluating and pre-screening proposals are managed by the Office of Research Services, which is responsible for ensuring a fair and equitable process that produces the most competitive proposals.