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Students from N.C. A&T and Purdue collaborate on project for space station

The International Space Station

The International Space Station

NASA has selected a team of students from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and Purdue University to design and build an experiment to be operated on the International Space Station.

The universities were chosen by NASA to create an original experiment in “capillary fluid dynamics” through the space agency’s National Lab Education Projects for the International Space Station.

Primarily undergraduate engineering students at both universities will design and build the shoebox-size experiment, develop the procedures for operation in space, train the astronauts, process the data, and write research papers describing the results.

The experiment is part of overall work to provide data that could help in the design of systems that require the precise control of fluids and gases, such as life-support equipment and fuel tanks for spacecraft. Findings also could apply to technologies for use on Earth such as fuel cells, medical instruments and miniature diagnostic devices.

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A presentation on improving presentations

Presentation skills are essential for researchers (and many other professionals as well).  So, why are so many presentations so boring, uninspired and uninspiring?

Good people make bad presentations. Sometimes it’s because they think making a good one takes too long; other times it’s because they don’t understand what makes a great presentation. Tomorrow (Wednesday July 11), Dr. Cindy Waters will provide some useful advice to improve your presentation.

Her talk is part of the weekly the Engineering Research Center Summer Seminar series. It will start at 11 a.m. in the McNair Hall Auditorium.

Dr. Waters is an assistant professor of mechanical engineering and associate director for precollege programs for the NSF ERC for Revolutionizing Metallic Biomaterials. She conducts research in engineering and in education.