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N.C. A&T leads UNC system in STEM growth

Front page of The Business Journal

The number of N.C. A&T students graduating in the STEM disciplines is accelerating at almost twice the rate of the UNC system as a whole, The Business Journal reports.

The weekly business newspaper notes that the new STEM early college opening this fall will help A&T’s efforts in producing science, technology, engineering and math  graduates:

“But N.C. A&T is already outpacing other Triad UNC campuses and the UNC system as a whole when it comes to fulfilling what many education and policy leaders have said is the critical need for more graduates with skills in science and math. According to data provided by the UNC system, A&T increased the number of STEM-related degrees it granted in 2011 by 39.3 percent compared to 2008, while the number of non-STEM degrees rose by just 3 percent.”

The UNC system overall increased STEM graduates by 20.7 percent.

The article is available at The Business Journal’s website (subscription required).