DORED says, ‘Thank you, Dr. Ntuen’

Dr. Celestine A. Ntuen

Dr. Ntuen speaks to the DORED staff at a luncheon in his honor.

The Division of Research and Economic Development honored Dr. Celestine Ntuen on Wednesday for two and a half years of good humor, relentless optimism, and long, long hours as interim vice chancellor. His time as leader of the division will end on July 2, when Dr. Barry Burks arrives to succeed him. (An album of photos has been uploaded to the Aggie Research page on Facebook.)

Although caught by surprise, Dr. Ntuen was at no loss for words. He eloquently thanked the staff for their hard work and offered encouragement for the future.

Among Dr. Ntuen’s accomplishments as interim vice chancellor:

  • A record $60.4 million in sponsored funding received in fiscal 2011.
  • A&T’s social and behavioral sciences researchers were organized for the first time and a new research cluster was created around their disciplines.
  • Interdisciplinary research groups were organized in energy and biomedical research.
  • Research Appreciation Day was expanded to four days.
  • A comprehensive report on impediments to research was issued.
  • A Workplace Climate Committee created for the division; the committee conducted a survey of DORED employees’ views of working conditions.
Dr. Celestine Ntuen and the DORED staff

Dr. Celestine Ntuen and the DORED staff


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