New research tool: A ‘global heat map’ for NC

Screenshot of Global Heat Map of North Carolina

Screenshot of Global Heat Map of North Carolina

The UNC System’s Center for International Understanding is unveiling a new tool today, the North Carolina Global Heat Map, that could benefit anyone doing research on North Carolina’s economy and demographics

The center and SAS have put together a map of the state designed to be a single data source for education, business and demographic information. It ranks every county on 52 measures of population, education, imports and exports, and other criteria. It   A detailed description is found here, courtesy of WRALtechwire.

Guilford County, for example, ranks third in population and third in most demographic measures. It ranks first in K-12 enrollment in Chinese language classes, but only 14th in percentage of K-12 students enrolled in foreign language classes.  Guilford is a net exporter by a considerable margin, $3.2 billion annually compared to $2.2 in imports.

The map was developed by the center and SAS.  It’s being shown for the first time today at the SAS corporate headquarters in Cary.

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