Scientists from N.C. A&T and N.C. Central identify ginger as possible treatment for anemia

Scientists from N.C. A&T and North Carolina Central University have found a new direction for anemia research through their work with ginger.

Dr. Shengmin Sang of A&T and Dr. TinChung Leung of NCCU were scheduled to present their findings this week at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research in Chicago.

From an NCCU news release:

“The two researchers have found that ginger extract and its purified component increase red blood cell production (erythropoiesis) in transgenic zebrafish recovering from anemia, as well as in normal non-anemic zebrafish. They also discovered that ginger and its purified component stimulate a signaling pathway that encourages blood stem-cell formation. This finding provides insight for future study of the effect of ginger and its bioactive components in formation of blood cellular components in mammals. It has the potential to lead to development of novel erythropoiesis-promoting agents to treat anemia commonly associated with cancer chemotherapy.”

Both researchers are based at the North Carolina Research Campus in Kannapolis.  Sang is with A&T’s Center of Excellence for Post-Harvest Research. Leung is with NCCU’s Julius Chambers Biomedical/Biotechnology Research Institute.

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