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A&T engineers to hold Girl Scout STEM event

Girl Scout Day 2012 flyer

Special thanks to Toyota for their sponsorship. Please note: For more info, contact Cindy Waters, kwaters@ncat.edu


Study of minority Ph.D. students omits HBCUs

Logo: Council of Graduate SchoolsThe Chronicle of Higher Education is reporting today on a study by the Council of Graduate Schools on minority Ph.D. students in STEM disciplines. The article features a dissenting opinion from William Harvey, dean of the N.C. A&T School of Education.

“The council is awarding grants of $30,000 to 21 institutions, which will participate in a qualitative investigation of the experiences of minority graduate students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics … Backed by a three-year, $1.5-million grant from the National Science Foundation, the effort is designed to fill in key gaps in understanding about the factors that influence whether those students complete their degrees.”

Or, at least, the factors that influence whether minority students at predominantly white institutions complete their degrees.

“William B. Harvey, who is a dean at the School of Education at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and a national expert in diversity efforts in higher education, is skeptical because none of the institutions receiving grant money are historically black colleges. …

“‘When we are talking about the realities of demographic changes in this country and addressing racial disparities, then we have to pay attention to the institutions that have historically graduated black degree holders.'”