Open science, publications and digital evolution: Like it or not, science and research are changing

Dr. Alan Leshner, executive publisher of the journal Science:

“Will the model of science magazines be the same 10 years from now? I highly doubt it. I believe in evolution. When a better system comes into being that has quality and trustability, it will happen. That’s how science progresses, by doing scientific experiments. We should be doing that with scientific publishing as well.”

The New York Times offers a look at where scientific and research publishing is goinginteresting stuff for researchers who plan to publish in the future. A relatively local angle:

On Thursday, 450 bloggers, journalists, students, scientists, librarians and programmers will converge on North Carolina State University (and thousands more will join in online) for the sixth annual ScienceOnline conference. Science is moving to a collaborative model, said Bora Zivkovic, a chronobiology blogger who is a founder of the conference, “because it works better in the current ecosystem, in the Web-connected world.”

If you’re interested, check out the conference online.  The Aggie Research blog and Twitter feed will post updates from the McKimmon Center.

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