The NIH offers a word about proposal deadlines

National Institutes of Health logo“One of the most fundamental steps you can take to ensure consideration of your application is to make certain we receive it successfully. This means applying well before the due date.”

You may have heard this before — actually, we know you have — but the National Institutes of Health would like to tell you again.  Apparently Aggie researchers aren’t the only ones waiting until the last minute to submit proposals.  Whether you’re going through eRA,, FastLane, or whatever, electronic submission systems can’t work miracles.  If your next proposal ends up being one of 1,000 submitted in the last hour before the deadline, you may not like the result.

“Well before the due date” doesn’t mean two hours, half a day or even one day, necessarily.  The N.C. A&T Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) strongly suggests delivering your proposal to them at least five days in advance of the agency’s due date.  That way you can be sure your proposal gets an appropriate review and is submitted on time and without errors.  Show up at the last minute, last hour or last day, and you may run into a traffic jam in the Sponsored Programs office before you even get to one on eRA, FastLane or

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