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Evolution, Fall 2011: Security/defense research and the rise of women in engineering at A&T

Evolution, the N.C. A&T research magazine, Fall 2011 editionBiometrics — how can science better use behavioral and physical traits to more effectively identify individuals?

Head mounted displays — giving the soldier in the field real-time tactical information, but how much information is too much?

These are two of the research areas at N.C. A&T in the field of homeland security and national defense.  The fall edition of Evolution, A&T’s research magazine, features reports on these projects, along with articles on brain tumor research, teaching green building practices to produce sustainable careers, and creating a new program in food defense and protection.

The new issue also contains a report on A&T’s remarkable success in producing female engineering graduates and the remarkable female faculty members who inspire them.  Changing social demographics, parental guidance, strong mentors and a supportive environment are coming together to change the face of engineering at A&T.

Evolution is distributed electronically on campus.  The print edition of the magazine is distributed primarily off campus.  The redesigned website for the Division of Research and Economic Development, coming in late January, will include a new online format for the magazine.