Daily Archives: August 26, 2011

Two Aggie undergrads make good impressions

You can say this about Aggie undergrads: We have some young scholars who can make very positive impressions.  Two students who have done so lately are Leah Marshall, a senior biological engineering major, and Jack Harris, a junior computer science major.

Marshall is a USDA 1890 Scholar and has interned with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service in her home state of Virginia.  You can tell that her work there on water and waste management structures, among other areas, won her some fans with the agency — the NRCS is now featuring her on their website in an “Employee Spotlight” article. Marshall is considering grad school, but if she changes her mind, it looks like she won’t have any trouble finding a job.

Harris is generating some positive exposure for himself and the university on IBM’s “Destination Z” website, which promotes mainframe technology.  The profile of Harris relates how his experience with video games has grown into an enthusiasm for a career with mainframes.  There’s no shortage of people who think video games are a massive waste of time.  Don’t you love an Aggie who upsets conventional thinking?