Integrating nano into the life sciences

WHAT: “Integrating Nanotechnology into the Life Sciences: Lessons Learned,” a seminar by the R.J. Lee Group (Ms. Julianne Wolfe, Manager, Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Services, and Dr. Kristin Bunker, Senior Scientist).

WHEN AND WHERE: Friday, August 19, 8:30 a..m to 10 a.m., N.C. State University, Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center, 850 Oval Drive, Room 123.

DETAILS: As the life sciences incorporate nanomaterials into their Quality by Design (QbD) plans, their characterization becomes a crucial element in identifying Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs). This seminar will present a series of targeted case studies providing insight gathered from numerous nanomaterials characterization projects. Case studies include quantum dot analysis, gold and silver nanoparticles and QA, POC diagnostic biosensors, and carbon nanotubes evaluations.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: A link to registration, directions and other information is available at the center’s website.  Information on the R.J. Lee Group is available at their website.  Registration is free.

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