N.C. A&T spin-off firm Advaero to play a key role in producing super-strong carbon fiber material

This week’s edition of The Business Journal features a front-age article on N.C. A&T spinoff company Advaero Technologies and its role in the production of a new super-strength carbon fiber material:

“Imagine a strip of material one inch wide and one-tenth of an inch thick.  Now imagine a stack of six cars.  Finally, imagine lifting that 30,000-pound stack off the ground with that ribbon of material.  And the material doesn’t break.

“Aerospace manufacturers, defense contractors and others have only been able to imagine a lightweight composite material with that strength, but a new partnership involving N.C. A&T State University spin-off Advaero technologies may help make just such a material available in the near future.”

The article details the role of Advaero’s H-VARTM manufacturing technology in producing a new carbon fiber material designed at Stanford University.  Chomarat, a French textile firm, will manufacture the material.  The company has a facility in Anderson, S.C., but could choose to produce the material in the Triad.  Advaero is located at the Gateway University Research Park’s south campus.

The H-VARTM (Heated Vacuum-Assisted Resin Transfer Molding) process was developed at N.C. A&T by Dr. Ajit Kelkar and Dr. Ronnie Bolick.  Advaero licenses the technology from the university.

The article appears in the July 15 edition of The Business Journal. It’s also available to subscribers on the newspaper’s website.

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