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June’s N.C. A&T grant of the month: $1.1 million for high performance computing in nano and bio

The Sponsored Funding Report for June:

N.C. A&T received 28 grants totaling $15.63 million in June.  The university received a total of 209 grants during fiscal 2011, ending on June 30.  The unofficial total for sponsored funding during the year was $60.5 million, compared to $60.1 million in FY 2010.

One highlight of June’s funding was a two-year grant worth $1.1 million from the Army Research Laboratory to Dr. Ajit Kelkar of the Department of Nanoengineering and Dr. Ram Mohan of the Department of Computational Science and Engineering.

The project: High Performance Computing and Enabling Technologies for Nano and Bio Systems and Interfaces

The issue:  Future advances in medical diagnosis and health monitoring are based on molecular medicine that is enabled through nano bio-sensors. These require a molecular level interaction of abiotic – biotic systems (material systems such as silicon, metals, polymers) interacting with biological constituents; and their molecular diffusion.

Abstract:  The overall objective of this project is to focus on high performance computing, multi-scale modeling and enabling technologies for nano-bio systems and interfaces. The understanding of such nano-bio interactions through high performance computational modeling is essential to invoke more complex, closed loop systems for molecular discovery and health monitoring in extreme environments, for military medicine (for example, detection of mild traumatic brain injuries), athletics, etc.

The research investigations and developments would encompass: high performance computing enabled multi-scale modeling methodologies, analysis and capability developments for nanoengineered material systems and their applications; high performance computing and capability developments for the multi-scale modeling of biological systems, abiotic – biotic interactions and their applications; intelligent data mining and algorithms for data analysis with large variations and outliers; capability development in the areas of high performance computing; computational modeling analysis at different length scales for nano and bio systems; and student support toward education and development of next generation workforce.

The grant lists below are sortable by dollar amount, date, principal investigator, college/school, department, or sponsor, among other criteria.

The complete list of grants received in June (xslx file, sorted by amount).

The complete list of grants received in FY2011 (xlsx file, sorted by date).