Daily Archives: April 18, 2011

N.C. A&T again ranks 3rd in sponsored funding in UNC system’s annual report on research

The University of North Carolina system has issued its annual report on research at the 17 campuses.  Only two specific awards are highlighted in the report; one of them is A&T’s five-year, $5 million NASA grant for the Center for Aviation Safety (Dr. Kunigal Shivakumar, PI).

A&T is ranked third in sponsored funding for the sixth straight year. The rankings of the system’s six doctoral universities:

  1. UNC-CH, $803 million, up 12% from FY09
  2. NCSU, $265 million, up 29%
  3. N.C. A&T, $60 million, up 4%
  4. ECU, $48 million, up 20%
  5. UNCG, $47 million, up 34%
  6. UNCC, $34 million, down 6%

Interesting detail: A&T’s position as No. 3 in funding comes despite ranking last among the six doctoral institutions in both number of proposals and awards.  That reflects the university’s emphasis on seeking bigger, higher impact projects.  A&T, of course, is also by far the smallest of the six in number of faculty, graduate enrollment and overall enrollment.

The entire report is here (PDF).