Daily Archives: March 22, 2011

Four undergraduate researchers from N.C. A&T to present at N.C. General Assembly event

North Carolina A&T is sending four undergraduate researchers to “Research in the Capital,” a biennial event at the North Carolina General Assembly that showcases undergraduate research projects.  Four undergraduates from each UNC institution will display posters in the Legislative Building. The event provides an opportunity for legislators to meet students while also being exposed to research in the UNC system.

This year’s event is on Wednesday April 13. N.C. A&T will send:

  • Stefan Boskovic, who is working with Dr. Solomon Bililign (NOAA ISET) studying chemical reactions that affect atmospheric compounds.  These processes directly and indirectly influence radiative forcing and, through that, the Earth’s climate.
  • Daniel J. Oldham,who is is working with Dr. Elham Fini (Civil Engineering) investigating the feasibility of using increased amounts of recycled roofing shingles in asphalt paving.  This would keep the used shingles out of landfills and reduce the amount of new petroleum products used in road construction.
  • Jarrett M. Paige, who is working with Dr. Dhanajay Kumar (Mechanical Engineering) researching the growth of titanium nitride nanowires.  These titanium nitride nanowires are expected to play an important role in the fabrication of medical implants.  Other students working on the project include Jessamy Crystal, Ahmed Altaher, and Mainul Faruque.
  • Kim Stratford, who worked with Dr. John Stafford of Vanderbilt University using female mice to study the effects of estrogen on insulin sensitivity.  Their goal was to understand how estrogen protects premenopausal women from the effects of a high fat diet.