Daily Archives: March 21, 2011

Business Journal on CERT’s smart grid forum

The Business Journal has given some good coverage to the smart grid conference hosted by the Center for Energy Research and Technology this week:

“The ‘Smart Grid Technical Forum,’ held March 16 by N.C. A&T State University and the U.S. Department of Energy, combined a review of new technologies being developed to monitor energy usage, reduce peak demands and route around outages with discussions of the economic development potential of the effort.

“N.C. A&T, for example, presented an overview of its research into synchrophasors, which measure the condition and capacity of power lines running through electricity substations dozens of times per second and report back to a central computer designed to optimize flow through the grid.”

Dr. Gary Lebby and Ph.D. student/DOE engineer Will Bowen provided the insightful quotes.  To see them and the rest of the article, see The Business Journal, March 18 edition (subscription required).

Student housing proposed for Kannapolis

From the Charlotte Business Journal:

“The Kannapolis Rotary Club has launched a fund-raiser that would support the first student housing at the N.C. Research Campus.

“The club has set a five-year goal to raise at least $300,000. That money would support the purchase of a home near the Kannapolis-based research hub, to be called the Rotary House.  Organizers expect it would house as many as 10 students.”

For more details, see the Charlotte Business Journal (subscription required).