Update on University Research Awards: Eligibility changed for Junior Researcher Award

The eligibility guidelines for the University Junior Researcher Award have been changed to eliminate an unintended problem, which, for some reason, no one had pointed out in the 10 years since the award was created.

The award is now open to all tenure-track faculty members who are in at least their third year of service at North Carolina A&T.  Previously, eligibility was limited to tenure-track faculty members who had completed their terminal degrees within the past five years.  That created a group of faculty members (untenured but more than five years out from receiving their terminal degrees) who were not eligible for either the senior or junior researcher awards.  It was not intended that any group of faculty members with more than one year of service be excluded from the awards program, so we’re changed the rule.

Here are the revised rules in PDF form.

With this change, all tenured and tenure-track faculty members with at least one year of service at A&T are eligible for one (and only one) of the three awards:

Outstanding University Senior Researcher Award: Tenured faculty members.

Outstanding University Junior Researcher Award: Tenure-track faculty members with at least three years of service at A&T.

Rookie of the Year: Tenure-track faculty members in their second year of service at A&T.

Any questions can be posted here as comments or directed to Dr. Mitzi Bond, mbond@ncat.edu; Ms. Saundra Evans, syevans@ncat.edu; or Mr. David Arneke, drarneke@ncat.edu.

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