UPDATE: 2011 Research Excellence Awards process begins

Each academic unit has received the rules and process summary for this year’s Research Excellence Awards.  An updated and expanded PDF of the document is attached below.  It now contains full details on the the submission procedure, an application checklist, coversheets for hte college/school awards and tghe unisity awards, and a full timetable for the process.

The deadline for applications for college/school awards is Tuesday January 18.  The deadline for colleges and schools to submit their nominees for the university awards is Tuesday February 1.

Each college and school has the opportunity to select a nominee for the Outstanding Senior Researcher Award, Outstanding Junior Researcher Award, and Rookie of the Year award.  The college and school nominees will be reviewed by a committee appointed by the Chancellor for selection of the winners.

The awards will be presented March 15 at the Honors Day Convocation.  Winners will be invited to give presentations on Faculty Research Day, Thursday April 14, and will be honored at the annual Research Awards Dinner on April 15.  So get your taxes done early if you plan to be a winner.

RESEARCH AWARDS 2011 — Updated and expanded announcement

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