Daily Archives: November 1, 2010

Duke cancer scientist asks to retract journal article, sparking negative news coverage

An academic integrity/research misconduct case at Duke is generating some very negative coverage for the university.  A professor with Duke’s s Department of Medicine and Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy has requested that a journal article be retracted after his co-author re-assessed the data and determined that they didn’t support the article’s findings (others previously raised questions about the research).  The researcher, Dr. Anil Potti, had already been suspended over questions surfaced about his resume. Click here for the article in  The News & Observer of Raleigh on Saturday.  An N&O columnist decided to pile on with a critical piece in this morning’s edition, showing how quickly a such a situation can go from bad to worse.  And it doesn’t look like the issue will go away.  As bad as it is for Duke’s reputation, the case is bad news for all researchers and research institutions, considering the increasingly hostile views toward science being promoted by many politicians (which, admittedly, are also held by many members of the public).